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Coruscant is the home of the Republic. It is at the center of the galaxy and is completely covered by buildings. Species have inhabited Coruscant for hundreds of thousands of years and have continued building on top of other civilizations. Towers dot the Coruscant landscpae and are hundreds of stories tall and some reach the lower atmosphere.

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Tatooine is a planet in the outer rim of the solar system. Tatooine is mostly inhabited by colonists and moisture farmers, but has a thriving criminal underworld. Towns like Mos Eisley and Mos Espa support numerous illegal operations. The planet is completely covered in sand and Tusken Raiders (Sand People) stalk travelers.

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Gungans led into battle

Naboo is a peaceful planet. All people of Naboo live in a releaxed manner. In the oceans and swamps of Naboo live the Gungans. Gungans are amphibious creatures who have developed a thriving city under water ruled by Boss Nass, a large, portly, and stubborn Gungan.

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