Episode I: The Phantom Menace



Anakin's Pod Racer

Anakin's Pod Racer Anakin Skywalker races to freedom in his pod racer. Pods are engines tethered together by a strand of energy and are attached to the pilot's pod.


Sebulba's Pod Racer

Sebulba is the best pod racer in the galaxy. He uses trickery and sabotage to win races. His pod is extremely durable and can survive almost anything.

Sebulba's Pod races away from a crash


Marie Celeste

Landed on Tatooine

The Marie Celeste on Tatooine

The Queen's Ship

The Marie Celeste is the flagship of Queen Amidala and is one of the fastest, most reliable ships in the galaxy. The Marie Celeste can carry Queen Amidala and her aides comfortably along with royal guards and droids to almost anywhere in the galaxy.

Escape from Naboo

^ The Marie Celeste Takes A Hit While Escaping From Naboo




Naboo N1 Starfighter

The N1 Starfighter is a sleek and agile craft used by the people of Naboo. The N1 carries one pilot and an Astromech droid for navigation.

N1 Fighters lauch from Naboo=>

A Fighter Pilot and a Familiar Droid<=A Fighter Pilot and his Astromech Droid



Trade Federation Battleship

A Battleship chases after Queen Amidala's Ship





Queen Amidala's Ship Races Away From A Federation Battleship^

Trade Federation Battleships Orbit Naboo (Below)

Trade Federation Battleships Orbit Naboo

(Below) A N1 Starfighter Hurtles

Towards a Battleship

A N1 Starfighter Hurtles Towards a Battleship


Victory Class Star Destroyer and Federation Battleship

Comparison of a TF ship and a Victory Class Star Destroyer ==EXPAND==

TF SchematicsSchematics of a TF Battleship ==EXPAND==






A STAP is a small, hovering, and quick moving attack vehicle which can carry one battle droid.



Federation Lander

A Federation Lander on NabooA Federation Lander On Naboo

The Invasion Begins...





Landers, accompanied by Droid Fighters, invade Naboo




Battle Tank and MTTs

Battle Tank

Battle Tank Ready To AttackTanks fire on the Gungan Army

^Battle Tanks Attack Naboo ^Tanks Fire on the Gungan Army



The green hills suddenly rumble with the sound of tanks<=Tanks and MTTs roll over the grassy hills of Naboo

MTTs roll out of the Federation Lander (Below)MTTs prepare for the attack

The Attack Begins...MTTs unleash Battle Droids upon the Gungan Army.





Sith Ship

A Sith Infiltrator is a fast, small ship with folding wings and menacing weapons.

A Sith Vessel Approaches Tatooine

<=Sith Vessel Animation